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 Soldier Front Game Modes Quick Review

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PostSubject: Soldier Front Game Modes Quick Review   Soldier Front Game Modes Quick Review Icon_minitimeMon Jan 04, 2010 1:01 am

Team Death Match (TDM) - It's a team battle in which you have to score 100 points. I recommend for people who are at least an decent player so you can get many points. My average score is like 565 exp. in TDM.

Team Battle (TB) - It's a team battle with maps where you plant (c4) and maps where you rush (reach destination). I recommend this if your a good rusher or planter because completeing the mission is the best exp. My average is 100+ not sure.

Single Battle (Single) -It's just a free for all. I recommend not doing this because it lowers your K/D Rate more.

Capture the Captain (CTC) - I recommend not doing it, it's pretty much useless unless you kill the captain. The most I ever got was like around 300.
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Soldier Front Game Modes Quick Review
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